8 reasons why a greenhouse will change your life forever

8 reasons why a greenhouse will change your life forever

You’re pretty sure you want to buy a greenhouse but a certain something is holding you back.

If you’re wondering ‘Do I really need a greenhouse?’ and contemplating another year of just making do, we can help you make up your mind.

Here are eight compelling reasons why you should definitely buy one…

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Create your own microclimate

A greenhouse lets you create your own microclimate, controlling the temperature and humidity you expose your plants too. Whether you want to grow vegetables all year long, cultivate exotic plants, or start seedlings off very early in the season, your greenhouse provides the adaptable growing environment you need. No longer will your growing plans be held up by our crazy climate – with a greenhouse, you can stay ahead of the game, whatever the weather.

Save money

Growing from seed costs a fraction of the price compared to buying established plants. With a greenhouse of your own, you’ll no longer have to fork out hundreds of pounds to refresh your garden. And, when it comes to trying out new varieties, the world is your oyster. A greenhouse gives you the freedom to experiment at a very low cost. And if a friend or neighbor has a variety that you’re keen to try, your new greenhouse will also make propagating cuttings a breeze.

Grow your own all year round

You don’t need a greenhouse to grow your own fruit and veg, but it certainly helps. Having a greenhouse allows you to grow more crops for longer. You’ll be able to start fruit and veg off earlier in the season and extend harvest time with longer cropping. And there are certain fruit and veg that need the protection of glass to really thrive. You’ll soon discover there’s nothing tastier than your own greenhouse-nurtured tomatoes eaten straight from the vine.

Make money

With a greenhouse comes abundance. You might choose to make some extra money selling all the excess fruit, veg, and cut flowers that you’ll grow. Many people sell their produce at a local farmer’s market or by setting up a stall outside their home. Before you know it, you could soon have your own greenhouse business on the go!

Protect delicate plants

It almost goes without saying that a greenhouse keeps delicate plants warm and sheltered in the colder months. It’s the perfect place to house plants such as palms from frost during the winter. And it’s so much more convenient than hauling them all into your porch for the winter where you’ll be tripping over them for months to come.

Stay healthy and happy

If you’re the kind of person who needs to spend lots of time outside and who gets acute cabin fever after too many days indoors, you’ll love owning a greenhouse. It will provide a sheltered, dry spot where you can plant and potter to your heart’s content – whatever the weather. Warm and dry, you’ll be encouraged to spend more time in the sunlight all year long. That’s great news for your bones (Vitamin D) and your mood – alleviating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Grow something exotic

Always fancied growing prize-winning orchids? Or how about propagating your own pineapples? With a greenhouse, you can. There are countless exotic and tropical plants that will happily grow in the US under greenhouse conditions. Some will require greenhouse heaters to keep the temperature consistent throughout the winter, but others will just be glad of the shelter and protection from frost.

Make a statement

Today, greenhouses are beautiful as well as functional. There’s a huge variety of styles, materials, and colors available, so you can choose a greenhouse to suit your garden and taste. And once it’s filled with your very own beautiful, aromatic plants, it will delight the senses even more.

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