Fastest way to build a greenhouse

Fastest way to build a greenhouse

Fastest way to build a greenhouse

Need to know how to build a greenhouse? You’ve come to the right place, permuim Greenhouse Systems works in planning and assembling greenhouses across North America. Once you have determined your budget, available land, and greenhouse location, you are ready to select the permuim greenhouse that best suits your needs. Follow these easy steps when you’re looking at building a greenhouse!

Choose the Greenhouse
Fastest way to build a greenhouse

Step 1: Choose the Greenhouse Style / Frame

At Permium Greenhouse, we offer a variety of different styles and sizes of greenhouse structures to meet your needs. This step is one of the most critical steps in building a greenhouse and can determine the functionality and effectiveness of your entire operation. Each greenhouse structure is specially designed for certain applications and is best utilized in different ways. Study the description of each type of greenhouse in our greenhouse series pages to decide which structure and package will best meet your needs and budget, and use our guide to selecting a greenhouse to make your final decision. If you have further questions, or cannot decide what type of structure you would like, call us and our greenhouse technicians will assist you in planning your greenhouse

Step 2: Doors and Hardware

When looking at how to build a greenhouse, your greenhouse structure needs entry and exit ways that are both functional and fit with the specific look that you are trying to achieve. With our many door options in a variety of different colors and sizes, you are sure to find precisely what you are looking for. Our quality doors are guaranteed to last you a long time and are well-insulated so heat cannot escape the greenhouse. These doors will be exactly what you need to easily access to your greenhouse at all times.

Selecting the hardware that holds your structure together is another critical step in building a greenhouse. You must be sure that your greenhouse plans include the proper nuts, bolts, and brackets so your structure will be as strong as possible under even the harshest weather conditions. Support your greenhouse with all kinds of hardware from permium Greenhouse Systems.

Step 3: Choose Your Covering

Choosing the proper covering is a key step in creating an effective growing environment in your greenhouse structure. permium Greenhouses offers a variety of coverings in different materials and thicknesses to ensure that you have options to select the exact covering that fits your needs and budget. These coverings are strong and durable, and will not tear under harsh weather conditions such as snow and wind. You can count on coverings from permium Greenhouse Systems to protect your greenhouse structure and last you a long time. Once you have selected your covering, be sure to read our guides on installing a greenhouse covering and installing polycarbonate.

Step 4: Cooling and Ventilation

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A common question when people ask how to build a greenhouse concerns greenhouse ventilation. It’s imperative that you include a way to cool your greenhouse structure to keep plants from overheating. permium Greenhouses offers a variety of cooling systems, including options for mechanical ventilation, natural ventilation, and shading. Any way that you want to cool your greenhouse, we have a number of quality products that will do exactly what you need in an effective and efficient way. Take a look at our greenhouse building options for cooling and ventilation and determine the system best for you. To select what size cooling system you will need for your greenhouse structure, read through our guide on sizing fans and shutters.

Step 5: Select Your Heating System

Your greenhouse plans should also include proper heating for giving your plants a suitable growing environment. We offer heating options for every type of grower, including propane and natural gas heaters, oil heaters, convection tubing, hot water heaters and more. We can provide you with the materials for any greenhouse heating application that you would like. Browse through our selection of heating systems to decide which heating unit is right for your greenhouse structure, and then choose which size you need by using our guide explaining how to size a heating system.

Step 6: Environmental Controls

In order to create a functional and energy-efficient greenhouse structure, it is essential that you maintain complete control over the heating and cooling. From simple thermostat systems to more advanced computer modules, we have a wide range of environmental control options for every type of grower. These controls are easy to understand and extremely user-friendly, so you never become frustrated or confused. You can depend on our systems to provide you with the service you need in order to create a proper growing environment in your greenhouse. To learn more about the benefits and features of an environmental control system, read our article about understanding environmental controls.

Step 7: Other Systems

Novices looking into how to build a greenhouse should research all the systems that go into creating a fully functional greenhouse structure. A CO2 Generator can contribute to improved growth for your plants. Installing a simple irrigation system can ensure that your plants stay properly watered at all times. There are many different systems available to help you create a thriving and efficient growing environment in a controlled setting.

Step 8: Benching

When using your greenhouse structure for retail applications, benches are an essential part of making it function in ways suited for you. Our benches come in a variety of materials, styles and sizes, so that you can choose exactly which benches you would like. Made of strong, galvanized steel, these benches are sure to last you a long time. We can make virtually any custom bench, so call us and we will help you design the benches that you would like.

Step 9: Order Your Greenhouse

Once you have finalized your greenhouse plans, as well as any additional accessories, it is time to order your greenhouse structure. Fill out one of our quote request forms, and read through our terms and conditions to be sure that you fully understand the ordering process. Once you send us your order, we will have it shipped directly to you as soon as possible.

Step 10: Build Your Greenhouse

Finally, after selecting all of the equipment that will make up your greenhouse, you must build the structure. While this may seem like a daunting task, permium Greenhouse Systems has numerous instruction manuals and fact sheets that can help you construct your greenhouse without a problem. Call or email us and we can send you a PDF of any instruction manual that you desire. Before you begin your project, be sure to obtain a building permit from your local government, and understand the construction and taxation of your structure. Contact us with any additional questions or concerns during the building process, and we will show you how to build your greenhouse!

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  • I would like info on the products you sell with cost etc. Where you are located and a website so that I can look at. Thank you

  • I would like info on the products you sell with cost etc. Where you are located and a website so that I can look at. Thank you

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